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Indigo Blue Mudcloth Print Kumari Top

Indigo Blue Mudcloth Print Kumari Top

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This lightweight, indigo blue top, beautifully decorated with a Mudcloth print, is made of 100% Cupro.

Cupro is a ‘regenerated cellulose’ fabric made from cotton waste. It is made using the teeny tiny silky cotton fibres, known as linter, that stick out of the cottonseed and are too small to spin. Cupro is said to have all the positive qualities of silk: it’s silky-smooth and drapes just like the luxurious material. Since cupro is plant-based—unlike silk which comes from silkworms—it is vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, unlike silk again, it is machine washable, which is more eco-friendly than the dry cleaning required for delicate silk garments.

This is a fair trade product handmade by artisans using high quality materials and eco-friendly dyes.  Each piece is a work of art and directly benefits artisan communities.

It will fit up to a size 20

Width: 86 inches / Length:  28 inches 

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